Used Equipment

Brother GT-541

Price $5,500 – $9,000 (8 available)              

The GT-541 revolutionizes garment printing technology. With this machine you can print directly from your computer or flash drive. This ink jet garment printer is as simple to operate as a desktop printer, which can be networked with multiple units, to deliver great print quality and still remain cost-effective for short-run apparel graphics applications. The GT-541 is less expensive to operate than traditional screen printing and reduces extensive set up, tear down, clean up, screens, and pallet adhesive. The water-based ink eliminates the need for conveyor dryers and is eco-friendly. The GT-541 allows you to print one or many garments cost effectively.




CAM 1V-6P Automatic Motif Setter

Price $6,500

Brand New $35,000

6 Hopper System

Produce multiple colors at high speed



                                                                                                             Brother GT-782

Price $12,000 (2 available)

The GT-782 features the new digital white ink technology, which allows you to print on dark garments with full color (600dpi CMYK and white ink). Rediscover your design capabilities. Equipped with dual platens, this machine gives you the ability to print multiple garments simultaneously. The GT-782 provided cost effective solutions for large and small production runs. Like its predecessor, the GT-541, this garment printer is user-friendly and easy to maintain. Unleash your printing capabilities with our specialty platens which allow you to print on shoes, caps, and large size prints

Brother BES910

9 needle – single head

Price $4,500









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