Stitch City Industries

Thank you for your interest in a Stitch City company.
We are here to make your direct to garment and embroidery experience a positive one and of course profitable! Since the early days, we have been dedicated to providing quality equipment coupled with excellent customer service. We’ve carried this time tested credo into what has blossomed into our present company SCI and by working with us, you’ll find we’ve experienced almost every facet surrounding this business of direct to garment printing and embroidery. Knowledge, guidance, integrity, we will happily share the do’s and don’ts as our loyal customers can attest.

So, if you’re ready for the exciting, profitable business, we’re ready to help you share the success!

Discover the vast array of garment printing and embroidery equipment related services offered by SCI:

  • sell Brother GT541 /  GT782 and GT3 series direct to garment printers.
  • offer training on new direct to garment equipment
  • sell new embroidery machines / editing and digitizing software
  • consulting / training / production floor layout and production management
  • repossessions / remarket
With over 25+ years of industry experience– Yeah, we can do it!!